The Forum was built shortly after 273 BC, when the city of Paestum fell under the Roman orbit, on the southern area occupied by the Greek agora.
    For the Romans, the forum represented the beating heart of city life as the main political, social and religious activities were concentrated there.


    stradaforo foroforo


    The Curia

    The Roman tradition placed in the forum some buildings of public importance such as the Curia, the comitium and the Carcer. In the Curia the magistrates administered justice and their archives were kept.




    The Comitium

    Popular assemblies were held in the comitium and local magistrates were elected. The building of the III century a. C. lost its role in the 2nd century BC for the benefit of the nearby forum and was partly absorbed by the temple of mens bona, a deity that embodied the debt of gratitude of the former slaves to their former masters and in this case the inhabitants of Pestum towards Rome.


    comitium - scavi di Paestum