• Tempio di nettuno

    Temple of Poseidon or Neptune

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    Attributed by mistake to Neptune is actually dedicated to Apollo and is one of the best preserved Greek temples ...

  • tempio di hera

    Temple of Hera

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    It is the oldest of the three temples of Paestum. For a long time it was considered a Roman basilica.

  • Tempio di Athena

    Temple of Athena

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    The temple dedicated to Athena was built at the end of VI century b.C. with 6 front columns and 13 side columns...

  • Anfiteatro romano

    Roman amphitheatre

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    Roman amphitheatre, used by gladiators. It was built around I century a.C ...

  • domus

    Ancient houses

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    The excavations have brought to light 8 neighborhoods from the Roman period ...

  • tomba del tuffatore

    The diver's tomb

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    Strong piece of the collection of artifacts preserved in the National Museum of Paestum, a rare example of Greek painting ...

  • basilica paleocristiana

    Early-Christian Basilica


    The church dates back to the 5th century AD. Many couples choose this sacred building for the celebration of their wedding ...

  • mura di cinta

    The city walls

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    About 4,750 meters long with an average thickness of 5 m. about 7 m high of height. There are 28 towers and 4 main access doors ...

  • foro

    The Roman Forum

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    Vital center of city life. Place where the main political, social and religious activities were concentrated. The Forum was built shortly after 273 BC ...

  • santuario

    Sanctuary with swimming pool

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    Sanctuary where Venus were celebrated, feasts linked to the fertility cult ...

  • museo

    The National Museum

    Archaeological excavations of Paestum

    The national museum contains important objects and materials (funerary items, pots, etc.) found in the town, in the near necropolises and...

  • Museo narrante di Hera Argiva

    "Telling museum" of Hera Argiva


    . This museum presents different interpretations of the homonymous sanctuary, an archaeological site made just of a few remains ...

  • Santuario del Granato

    Cathedral dedicated to Madonna del Granato


    Cathedral dedicated to Madonna del Granato , whose worship recalls the Pagan cult of Hera Argiva. It was built in XI century...

  • pineta

    Pine forest


    Between the long beach of Paestum, (15 Km), and the village stands a thick pine forest where swimmers often take shelter during the hottest hours ...